Tuesday, 3 March 2015

DJ Tecknics: Respect Brings Local Support

Those of you who know very little about the local entertainment scene, will at least know DJ Tecknics, or Zwide, as he is affectionately known. This party starter, has achieved a tremendous amount of goals over the years. One of these was his childhood dream of getting to travel abroad. He achieved this, a few years ago when he got to promote his debut album in Swaziland and Botswana. Another great feature in his list of achievements is getting to work with DJ Sbu and the SLEF team on school and township motivations. He says: "working with DJ Sbu is an achievement alone because nobody just goes to the school talks. You have to be chosen."

In his quest to keep local dance floors vibrant, he has had to go through challenge after challenge, ranging from things like inadequate platforms, the absence of high quality studios, and unwilling funders. "As an entertainer, getting sponsors is not easy... we still send out proposals to relevant companies or people but we get no response..." he says. "...we continue doing events from our pockets". 
Against these odds, Tecknics continues to displays how much he values optimism and persistence. "Most people say the Municipality must sponsor..." he says, "meanwhile they are chilling"     

Smiling, staying humble, and keeping close with his fans is the key to gaining local support, according to Tecknics. He says "I don't distance myself from anybody, I take advice from anyone and I keep the smile on..."
Dj Tecknics promised himself, when he started DJ-ing that he would never make any enemies, and to date he does not remember ever fighting with anybody.
This God fearing, humble soul has given and equally received respect from 032 locals. He says "I'm what I am because of KwaDukuza peeps. Everywhere I go I'll find someone who'll say 'bhuti uyathandwa eStanger. Sitshelwa ngawe all the time'. [Brother you are loved in Stanger. We are being told about you all the time] "

Just like Zola 7 and DJ Sbu, our very own DJ Tecknics has dreams of supporting and uplifting local talent. Apart from running a local football team, he also provides a platform for a large number of local DJs through his events.

Hopefully Mpumalanga and East London are ready for Tecknics, as he will be rocking them, soon. He is also on top of plans to get East London musicians to come and expose their talents in KwaDukuza. His long list of plans for this year includes events at major local venues like Culture Lifestyle Bar, Saxone Lounge and Palmland BnB.
Also look out for is his album, to be released soon, under Big Punch Media - which will feature (among others) afro soul sensation, Lesego.
TipandTeck, will also be hitting dance floors soon as Tecknics teams us with DJ Tip.

It's business as usual for his Gass Stove and Coldroom hiring company, while he works on opening an Internet Café in Shakaville in the near future.
DJ Tecknics is a full time hustler, no doubt. A party cannot start without him and it never ends until he says so.

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