Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Soso Does it All

Nkanyiso "Soso" Sibiya

Most of you may just know him as the owner of a car wash, in Groutville. If that's the case then you know very little about Nkanyiso Sibiya, affectionately known as Soso.
Not only has he successfully ran the busiest car wash in Groutville, Soso has also worn (and continues to wear) a number of different caps.
His company, Silvie Trading, does events, fashion, music videos, artists promotion, charity programmes, construction, and trading amongst other things.
The interesting part is that all this stems from a humble beginning in the Department of Health. "I started working in 2003, doing home-based care, visiting people with HIV and Aids" says the man who has played a vital role in promoting health care at schools and rural areas, through mobile clinics.
Fast forward to 2015. Soso has teamed up with Erica Ntonga to open "Precious Silvie Modelling Agency", and together they are currently working on what is set to be the biggest fashion phenomenon ever seen, in the North Coast.
Has lays it down: "we are working on Ballito Fashion Week- which is going to be the second big event I've ever done." This takes place on the 10th and 11th of December.
The first big event being the "Groutville Extreme Experience" car show, which attracted hundreds of motorists and car enthusiasts. And, in case you were wondering, iLembe Car Club and the now-popular Rich Gang were both born at this event, thanks to Soso.
Precious Silvie Modelling Agency

The question, right now, may be: "How does he manage to do everything?"
His response: "You need to be up on your game at all times. You need to make sure that you think positive... know that once you've started something you're gonna end it... and you can't play around with time."

Soso describes himself as unique, friendly, and approachable but at the same time an assertive good guy who likes helping people.
Although he attends church at UCCSA, he has secured a recording contract for the winner of a Zion church music competition that he will be running on the 28th of November. He is simply doing this because he feels that the Zion churches uniquely musical, yet they are often neglected.
He also encourages the public, not to neglect those in need. This is done through his charity programmes, where blankets and food items are donated during winter, and stationery, school uniform, and school fees and bursaries are given to learners during the "Back to School" campaign.
The latter seems to be close to Soso's heart, as he passionately advises the young ones: "education is the background of everything. You need to learn, you need to get your matric, you need to stay focused. You need to know what you want and you need to work for it."
For Soso - His biggest challenge is also what excites him the most. The unavailability of time encourages him keep on top of his game and enables him to overcome situations with huge amounts of pressure.
A lesson that each of us can learn from an amazing individual who is achieving great things whilst living with us, right here, in our community.
Ballito Fashion Week

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