Saturday, 21 May 2016

Are you a real hustler?

With all the silence here at 032NICE, lately we thought we should share some interesting reads we've come across on our favourite websites.

If you think you're a hustler, then you might like this.

Jeraldine Phneah writes:

Here are 12 traits which I think encompasses the term “Hustler” and how having these qualities of a Hustler can make you successful in today’s world.

1. Hardworking
Diligence alone won’t get you far in life and you’d need loads of other traits. However, this doesn’t mean one can do without being hardworking.
As Gary Vaynerchuksays, there’s not substitute to hard work and there’s opportunity cost to becoming successful. There’s no work/life balance when you’re starting out. Ask any successful person if they had a work/life balance when they started, I bet that the answer was a NO.

2. Create your own opportunities
Hustlers are inherently impatient. They are averse to waiting for things to come their way. Instead, they go out there to create their own opportunities
If you’re constantly looking for angles to make money or to capitalize on a specific opportunity, that’s a huge sign that you’re a young hustler. The more creative and innovative you are, the better your chances for success will be.

3. Work smart
There are those who see something just as it is and there are those that see a system that has loopholes and can be broken. A hustler is the latter.
He/she is able to understand the dynamics and metrics of a task or action and knows the situation well and how to steer it in the direction they want it to go.
Working smart means making the most out of the control you have over a situation and utilizing the knowledge you have of that situation to understand how to conquer what’s in front of you most effectively.
Here is a description by Inovia which best describes working smart

4. Proactive and self-starter
No one has to tell a hustler what to do. They don’t need to be motivated or inspired because they have a big enough reason “why” already burning inside them. Their drive is that they know they believe they are capable of great things.

They know that they have room to grow and, no matter how successful they are, they still see a lot of runway in front of them.

5. Determined
Hustlers aren’t put off by their failures, and they don’t give up on their dreams. When one thing doesn’t work, they keep trying things until they figure out how to get the result they need.

Screw Rejection. Hustlers are ready to knock down doors to make good partnerships and secure clients - Cold-calling, asking friends for help, going to your family.

6. Hustlers are not selfish
They think win-win They know that the greater outcomes they want are only found through creating greater value for more people.

They only earn what they are worth, and they increase that worth all of the time.

7. Not afraid to promote themselves
Hustlers are not afraid to promote themselves. It is one thing to be humble and another thing to be a jerk, but if you are afraid to promote you and your business, you are not hustling.

Personal branding and self-promotion doesn’t mean telling the whole world how awesome you are or putting down your competitors to feel better.

However, it does mean making a conscious effort to promote, tell people what you are up to, and also have confidence in your accomplishments.

8. Builds relationships
Hustlers know that they would need friends, allies, and fellow hustlers to help them get things done. They surround themselves with other hustlers because they know your friends influence you way more than you think.

Hustlers don’t criticize other hustlers. They admire them. They acknowledge people who are the best at what they do, and they learn from them.

9. Not afraid to say no
Don’t be afraid of saying “No”. If you are hustling, opportunities will come your way. If the opportunity isn’t right for you, say no. Don’t chase and take on all opportunities, just find the ones that work for you and your brand.

10. Healthy disregard for authority
If you’re frustrated with the rules and are constantly finding ways to get around them, that’s a big sign. Hustlers question conventional ways of doing things and think of more efficient and effective methods. They would rather create their own rules instead of following them.

11. No excuses
How many people do you know who have an excuse for everything that goes wrong with their lives? Real hustlers don’t make excuses. They own their actions and results completely.

12. Ambition
Hustlers have a bigger vision of themselves. They believe they are capable of great things. They know that they have room to grow and, no matter how successful they are, they still see a lot of runway in front of them.


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